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Things are still...things.

First off...classes.  It's nice to be back in school.  I felt so lost
and confused for so long that finally having direction is a welcome
change of pace.  Of course according to just about EVERYONE...I should
have been employed by some nice school in suburbia somewhere and blah
blah blah.  I happened to like being right where I'm at.  And the fact
I'm going to be earning about 60 grand  a year in two or three years
helps matters.  Yes...I'm a little superficial.  But I also have enough
debt that I'm probably going to need that much.

Theory class is going okay...except for the damn attendence
requirements.  Holding a 95% average and getting a C for it pisses me
off...but I'll manage.  I really wouldn't be too upset if I had to take
it over anyhow...after all having a good base to start speed classes is
probably a good idea.  English...simple.  Typing...already done with
the first class...a quarter of the way through the second.  Piece of

The only thing I'm having a hard time with is social life.  After this
summer...anything would seem sort of tame I suppose...but let's face
it...I've never been all the social of a creature.  I refuse to go to
bars...or laundrymats, grocery stores, *any of the other places mother
suggests* to meet people...so yeah.  I've been out a few times...with
varying results...but it's boring here.

I miss the old job...the old job provided many oppertunities to get out
and about and be a social creature.  Here...well...there's corn
fields.  Illinois sucks!!!  I thought Wisconsin was bad.

Okay...enough babble and catching up.  Back to homework...story of my life.

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