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1. Last thing you burned while attempting to cook?
rice, at least it was a non-stick pot!!

2. Describe yourself in three words:
Moody, messy, egotistical

3. How long does it take you to get ready for your day?
10 mintues...unless I have a date...then a half an hour

4. Favorite place to blow $50?

5. How many people have you thought were "the one"?

6. What is something that turns you off from the opposite sex?
their enormous sex drive

7. What kind of car do you drive?
2001 Saturn SL1

8. What's in your CD player right now?
The Headturners

9. What celebrity would you have coffee with?
Tyra Banks...because I aspire to have her body someday.
Hot night of sex AFTER coffee? Owen Wilson...or his brother...Luke.

10. What celebrity would you NOT have coffee with?
Judge Judy

11. What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Crest 2-in-1

12. What time do you go to bed?
Sometimes at two when I get home from classes...sometimes I just plain don't.

13. Last movie you saw?
The Island

14. Last TV show you watched?

15. Who is your best friend?
Jesse or Jessica...I can talk more with Jessica but I see...and so feel more connected...to Jesse more.

16. Who in your family do you best get along with?
My mum. Since the rest of them are either Republican or racist.

17. Who do you have a crush on?
Other than Owen Wilson? That's classified information!!!

18. What time is it right now?
6:20 p.m.

19. Are you planning a vacation/travel?
Well I'm going to Lake Geneva for Halloween...but it's not really a vacation.

20. When/Where was the last time you traveled?
Louisville, KY to Reedsburg, NC

21. How many times have you been in love?
Once...maybe twice.

22. How old will you be in 10 years?

23. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
As a court reporter in Chicago or Boston...still searching for someone who can tolerate me.

24. Sinful snacking weakness
Movie popcorn.

25. Rollercoasters?
Love em!

26. Ever run out of gas?
Nope...I'm a little obsessed with filling up at a quarter tank.

27. Ever been on a train?
The one at Circle K. And the one at Camp Five in Laona

28. Ever been on a blind date?
I've been on a few with people I've met online...but I've always had a picture.

29. Ever been to Europe?
Six different countries.

30. What would you do if you could be the opposite sex for one day?
Pee standing up. *I know...orginal eh?*

31. Would you tell anyone it was really you?
Nope...that I wouldn't.

32. Ever been arrested??
Hell no...I've barely been pulled over!

33. Have a crush on anyone you work with?
That one guy that looked like Justin Timberlake that I worked with at Pizza Hut.

34. What is something you believe in?

35. Big or small?
Small...everything is little...including Gilbert Brown.

36. What is the worst physical or emotional pain you have ever experienced?
Physical: That time when I was sick a few years ago I literally thought I was going to die. Although my one and only hangover sucked pretty bad too.

Emotional: The second serious breaking up of Jesse and I.

37. What is your favorite television show?
Gilmore Girls I guess...I don't really watch TV much anymore.

38. Ever photoshopped yourself to look better in a picture?
Just got rid of red eye.

39. Tell us something about your childhood.
I was taken care of by my half sister whom I've never met.

40. What would it cost for you to flash the person next to you?
Five bucks.

41. Best time to catch you in a good mood?
Um...three p.m.

42. If you could be anything for one day, what would it be?
Famous and beautiful

43. Most prized possession?
Umm...I don't really have any. My clarinet maybe.

44. Would you ever sell it/how much?
Yeah. For whatever it's worth. A couple grand?

5. What is one of your pet peeves?
People who don't leave messages when they call...and people who leave messages lasting more than a few minutes.

46. Favorite kind of ice cream?
Cookies and Cream

47. Coolest thing that happened today?
I got to chat with Dave.

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