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theater_chica's Halloween party:

a_gothic_beauty dressed as Oprah Winfrey.
absolutsublime1 dressed as Matt Damon.
agshender dressed as Dick Cheney, though it looked more like a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Merry Commander.
alstaregixxer dressed as a successive asset.
brettsyerbuddy dressed as a god.
champion dressed as the Governor of South Carolina.
chessher_cat dressed as a poetry.
coyote79 dressed as the love child of Hugh Grant and Gwyneth Paltrow.
crazyasafox dressed as the Lord of Duolamoft.
crazygracey dressed as the Cold Power Ranger, and it suited them disturbingly well.
crzmnky dressed as a pirate.
dixiesong3131 dressed as a Nellie Mabson CommunicationsCompany employee.
doc22 dressed as the President of Bhutan.
dream_further dressed as a horse.
ducttapeboy dressed as a lime vampire.
dumud dressed as something awkward, but what, specifically, you can't tell, though it looked more like Optimus Prime.
godfatherbrak dressed as a disturbing self-made character called "Greasy Stinkerhiney", though it looked more like a disturbing self-made character called "Buttercup Cootiemouth".
godofthegeeks dressed as the spirit of their dead grandmother Janet.
guavmom dressed as a catcher for the Rockies.
hottiejenn8 dressed as the equator.
ima_weasel dressed as someone called "Francis Porto", but you've never heard of them before.
inthatsmallcafe dressed as a WML Manufacturing employee.
jasondemotte dressed as a ghost.
jenday dressed as Optimus Prime.
jennick dressed as Tiffani-AmberThiessen.
johnsebben dressed as a Clone Trooper.
laughafterwords dressed as the main character of "Dog Day Afternoon".
lifebecomesher dressed as Shaquille O'Neal.
pilot_down dressed as Martin Van Buren.
pushnell dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Large Iron.
revbri dressed as a new superhero: Snow Dragon, and it suited them all too well.
sharptongued1 dressed as Ashlee Simpson's grandfather, and it suited them all too well.
spleckaann dressed as a Level 6 bard.
status dressed as a angel.
steno_star dressed as a 1990's grunge child.
stephenh2oman dressed as Sung Hi Lee riding a elephant.
syber_strange dressed as George W. Bush.
theater_chica dressed as a hedgehog.
throwingstardna dressed as the Earl of Murray.
timniehaus dressed as Mary-Kate Olsen with her very own conjoined Ashley.
vixdraw dressed as Chekov from "Star Trek".
yourmombitesass dressed as a safety for the Patriots.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
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Oct. 31st, 2005 11:52 pm (UTC)
MARY KATE?! C'mon people...I would TOTALLY be Ashley.
Nov. 1st, 2005 12:58 am (UTC)
LOL...someone's actually popped me up as Daria. How cool is that?
Nov. 1st, 2005 09:30 am (UTC)
Very cool, indeed.

How are you?!
Nov. 1st, 2005 05:31 pm (UTC)
Not bad and not good all at once. Hop on yahell sometime and catch up with me!! I miss you!!

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