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I know I've been horrbile at posting. First off...I had a great weekend at the convention...I met so many cool people!! Hopefully I'll just see them next year. That's the only thing that's depressing about conventions...you never know who's going to make it and who's gonig to drop off the face of the earth!! Oh well...that's the nature of addiction I guess.

I did have a manicure while I was at the spa. Normally I'm not one to succomb into all those girly pleasures, but I do have to admit it was fun. And my nails seem a lot stronger than they were. I have to say I might just make it a habit...well I would if I had the money to. Gah...I need to start working.

Someone came to see me yesterday!! Someone came to see me yesterday!! And they behaved themselves. Gah...I think I'm letting my fences fall down...I just hope I don't get burned in the process. I mean...after all...there's this little issues of going to school in two different states and all. Gah. Heh...I AM looking forward to tomorrow though :)

Okay...I haven't got much else right now. Mum can't figure out how to mail the pictures so I'll have to post them once she burns them to disk and puts them in the mail. Sorry guys!! That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Ta Ta.

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