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Fridays offically suck!!!

I have decided that Friday is now the worst day of the week...Saturday is a close second. Why you say? Most people look forward to these days. The weekend and a more relaxed pace. I however am learning to despise these "weekend" days. And this is why....

I have no life!!! Most everyone else always has at least SOMETHING planned for the weekend. I never do really. I guess I don't mind this. Until there's really NO ONE around...and then I realize how lame I am. Today is one of those Fridays. I spent my Friday CLEANING my BATHROOM. Of all the things in this world to do...cleaning the bathroom is not my top pick. *sigh*

Oh well...Sean will be here soon. My parents are on their way. One up...one down. I suppose I can't bitch TOO much.

And another thing that perplexes me. The price of "tv" dinners is getting to be outrageous. There's barely enough food in a typical "tv" dinner to begin to fil me up and they cost like three and a half bucks now. What gives?

And with that....I end my rant for the evening...yeah!!!


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Apr. 2nd, 2006 03:23 am (UTC)
Weekend bumming? Trust me, you're not the only one. Last night I went out with friends to a great concert. BUT....it's the first time I've been out in forever.

Why don't you plan something for a Friday night a couple of weeks in advance, and invite some folks over for a videos and pizza night or something? Maybe something will grow out of these self-made "dates".

I have found that life is what you make it.
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