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Ohhhhh...I got tagged...

4 jobs you’ve had:

* Ice cream girl at "Musky Queen"...the local ripoff of Dairy Queen
* Activities Aide at a nursing home
* Bank Teller
* Cashier at Lowe's

4 movies you could watch over & over:

* Fight Club
* Cruel Intentions
* Moulin Rouge
* Chicago

4 places you’ve lived:

* Eagle River, WI
* Greenville, NC
* Minocqua, WI
* Decatur, IL

4 television shows you love to watch:

* Those stupid poker tournaments
* Sex in the City
* Family Guy
* Scrubs

4 places you’ve been on holiday:

* London, England
* Louisville, KY
* North Fort Myers, FL
* Daytona Beach, FL

4 web sites you visit daily:

* LiveJournal
* Gmail
* MySpace
* Neopets...because I'm really a six year old posing as an adult

4 of your favorite foods:

* Potatoes
* Chicken
* Pasta
* Pizza

*note...all of these must be incrediablly plain or else they aren't very good anymore...exception...crushed red pepper may be doused on any food to make it twenty times better*

4 places you’d rather be:

* not in the fucking state of IL
* not in the fucking state of IL
* not in the fucking state of IL
* not in the fucking state of IL


* London
* Switzerland
* Washington, DC
* Uh...not in the fucking state of IL *sorry*

4 lucky people to tag (no pressure here, if you don't want to, no skin off my nose):

I don't tag on principal.


Jun. 22nd, 2006 05:15 am (UTC)
well, you know, I honestly always wondered who watched those ubiquitous poker shows. they pump the hell out of that shit on espn2, with guys on the beach surrounded by hot babes with money and chips exchanging hands all so super fast. lmao. when I was working for the evil credit card empire, we'd routinely get college kids who'd maxed out there cards on those internet sites and stuff. good lord. and then they tighten the bankruptcy laws so that these kids are potentially buried under massive debt for the rest of their lives! As Yakov Smirnov would say "I LOVE this country!"

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