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I'm updating....yeah yeah yeah.'s been eons since I've actually updated. I really don't like updating much. It seems like I have nothing positive to say and so I'd rather just keep my mouth shut. an attempt to let everyone know I'm still alive *for the timebeing anyhow* here is an update.

Sean and I were planning on having a nice visit with my mum and Perry the weekend before the 4th of July. That was cut short by a phone call from Sue saying my father died. So begins the month of hell.

After that call *which I got on the way up north* my uncle called to let me know that my grandma has pancreatic cancer and has about 3 to 6 months to live. So I decided to continue up north to visit grandma one day and then drive back down here to find out what happened with dad.

Drove back. Talked with Sue and the funeral home. Met my sisters for the first time. Well two of my half-sisters. We think half-sister number three is dead. Sister one *who is closer to me and seems to actually WANT to keep a relationship with me...even if a superficial one* told me that my dad supposedly sexual abused sister number three when she was little and this is why none of them really had a relationship with dad. Whatever. The man is dead...just let it be. *sidenote: mother says they were SO concerned for me when they found out she was pregnant. If they were so fucking concerns why didn't they bring it up 25 years ago when something might have been able to be done to prevent the same thing from happening to me????* *sidenote 2: Dad never touched me. There were some questionable comments and stuff...but nothing I'd term as sexual abuse.*

Ummm...Sean offically bought the house. I'm offically "living" here I guess. Although I don't really consider floating along like I've been doing living. But yeah...I'm here.

Apparently someone filed for dad's estate. So Shelby *sister one* and I have some court thing to go to next month to find out what that's all about. I have a feeling it's going to mean there's no estate because dad owes god only knows money. Which sucks because I was hoping for a touch so I could go to school and not feel like such a bum about myself. That and I've been really upset because I don't feel like my dad ever saw me succeed. I finally have a motivation to do something...and no way to do it. *sigh* Go figure.

Ummm...I can't really think of anything else. I'll update again whenever the need arrises. Untill ni kiddos!!!
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