Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
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Pinning and pining.

I think I've pinned down what has been bothering me. Well...besides the obvious. Or maybe the better way to describe it would be would be beyond the obvious.

I guess I feel as though I'm losing my family. Well I AM losing my family. Dad...and now grandma. I only really have two immediate family members left. My mum and my Grandma Johnson. Grandma Johnson is always sick with something or other...and I know she won't be here that long. I'm just really scared I'm not going to have much family left. And I'm REALLY scared that I'm not going to have or be able to have one of my own. I really do feel like I'm the last person here that's going to be part of "my" family for any length of time. It's a really haunting feeling.

Good news: I'm DETERMINED to get into school and stay least long enough to have a transcript that will travel. Sean's going to be huge help there. Finally someone positive and reassuring in my life in the flesh and blood. My online friends have been so great...but having someone right here I think is going to be the missing link. Yay!!!

That's all for now.
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