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Ms. Wagner's Wedding

So last weekend I went to Phoenix, AZ to go to my friend Jessica's wedding. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I went, but I had doubts before I ever left. For starters, I'm not a big fan of hot weather. I've also never had luck with Delta airlines...EVER.

So I got to the airport in plenty of time. Bloomington's airport is very poorly designed in light of the new security features. The only areas to get food or beverages are before you go through security. Seeing as how you can't bring beverages through security anymore *the most stupid thing I've ever heard of...considering you can still bring half a dozen other things through* this is basically a useless area of the airport. If I wanted to eat before getting there I certainly wouldn't choose the snack area of the airport to eat.

So I watch my plane come in from wherever. I think to myself, "Oh good, we'll be on time." But no no no...a half hour later *while the flight board STILL says the flight is to go out on time* an announcement is made that the CREW for our plane is stuck in IN somewhere. So a few hours later *after the flight has DEPARTED according to the boards mind you* I inquire about getting change to use in the ONE vending machine that is located past security. No one has change. I ask if I can get back through security. They glare at me...but eventually let me back through. So I went and got a cup of coffee, took my medication, and went back through security *after waiting a half hour because apparently all the security people were on break or something.* I went to the ticket desk to make SURE that I would still be making my connecting flight, because I wasn't really sure how late I could get to Phoenix and still make my connecting flight. They told me I'd have plenty of time, and if there was a concern they would call my name and reschedule my flight. I explained that I wouldn't have a ride from the airport if my flight was rescheduled and that if I wasn't going to make my flight I didn't feel comfortable getting on the plane. They finally announced that our crew had arrived, and that they would be boarding two planes at once. *apparently the 11 o'clock flight to ATL was also delayed* So they board the other plane first. Then they board my plane...and as I give the lady my ticket...I ask one last time if I'll have time. She says I'll have an hour at ATL to get to my next gate and get the next plane. Then they let the other plane take off first...and we sit on the runway for you guessed it...an hour.

I obviously don't make my connecting flight. So several phone calls to Matt and Jessica later, several hours spent at the Delta counter, and I get another flight to Phoenix that night. I did end up in first class, which was cool. They fed me food that wasn't made six months ago and wrapped in plastic. Fresh fruit even!! Whoot!! But...I was about three hours late getting in.

Friday went okay. The only complaint I have was sitting in the nail salon inhaling nail polish and remover. And even that was tolerable. We spent the evening at her aunt and uncle's house, had dinner, and went back to her house.

I woke up Saturday morning and felt like crap. I had no appetite, was really thristy, and just felt exhausted. I tried some water but ended up throwing up. I took my insulin and got ready for the wedding. The best man *Matt's brother* took me to the wedding place...where I promptly laid down and felt like death. I thought maybe my sugar was high because I was so thirsty, but I just kept trying to unsuccessfully sip water. The wedding was gorgeous. It was like ten minutes...but it was a gorgeous ten minutes.

We went to her aunt and uncle's again. That is where the reception was going to be. I told her I was going to lay down and see if I started feeling better.

Next thing I remember is Grandma Lou and her aunt *I think* asking me a bunch of questions. I felt really groggy and tired and just took of waved them away. Then there were a bunch of EMTs putting I.V.s in and all sorts of stuff. After that I started feeling better, and after about 15 minutes of having the I.V. I felt great. I even felt hungry. After talking to Jessica after they left, I guess I had fallen off the couch and was on the floor and she was trying to get me up to go into the bedroom because people were starting to get there for the reception. I was talking incoherently and she went to find my glucometer. Someone called the EMTs after that. I don't remember a period of about an hour I guess from what I can gather talking to her. I don't remember ever being on the floor at all.

I guess it was a combination of low sugar and dehydration. After the EMTs left I felt great though. Flew home that night without a hitch!! Yay!!

So congratulations to Matt and Jessica :)

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