Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

Stupid rant...

People in Illinois are whiney bitches. I have never heard people use weather as an excuse more than in the past couple days. Granted...there was a lot of snow and the roads were *keyword being WERE here people* shitty, but now? PLEASE. "The roads still have snow on them, it's still shitty out." It's not even SNOWING...and the roads have been plowed. Yes...there is still snow on them...if you plow all the way down to the pavement sparks fly. You can drive on's amazing. Where I'm from the plows don't even get to the road we live on for a couple days. If we called into work every time it snowed we'd be fired in an instant. Yesterday/last night...yes...understandable. This morning? Grow the fuck up. You leave get there. That's just how it is.

*grumble* People are fucking morons.
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