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Heh...I can't help but laughing at the irony of the situation. Three actors on the stage that constantly waiver about their self confidence and lack of talent...yet do a fine job and are going to be just fine. If you met our cast on the street somewhere I'm pretty sure you'd think we were doomed though.

This thing, for lack of better words, with this guy, is not going any better. Everytime I read something he writes it feels like he's digging into my brain...even though I know that thought is absurd. I just know that entertaining this whole idea is nutty for so many reasons. If I just keep reminding myself of that I'll be okay. I can totally respect him as a person and even get to know him better without concentrating on...the other parts of our psyche that it appears we have in common.

I'm starting to worry about school. I've missed a lot of my phsycal geo classes. I'm sure if I got through the reading I'd still be fine...but I'm worried.

I worry too much. I wish I could figure out how to not worry. Everyone always has the solution "don't worry," but no one every tells you how to DO that. If it's not the worry, it's the paranoia that gets to me.

Anyhow...I'm too tired to keep writing. Maybe I'll update more after classes tomorrow.

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