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So...life is scarey. I'm sure everyone goes through scarey moments. I just feel really lost. I really want to stay in Decatur and finish up at least this part of school here. I'm sick of moving around like a rubber ball bouncing through life. After the play I'm going to start looking for a night job hardcore...and if that doesn't work out looking for something that I can start on days after the semester's over.

Michelle found me the most awesome people to stay with ever!!! I'm so grateful to both her and who I'm staying with it's not even able to be explained. My sanity is totally thanks to them and everyone else in the cast and crew that's been AMAZING well I've been having a mini crisis. I can't believe how much everyone's helped and all their concern. I seriously get overwhelmed everytime I think about it. I need to change my bio for the play. Jason...if you read this...send me a text tonight reminding me. There's some people I need to delete and some people I need to thank.

So...I have a home. I have a soft place to sleep. I don't really have internet that's easily available there...but I think I'm going to find an ethernet cable and see if there's an extra spot to just hook up upstairs and hang out for a bit each night. I get paranoid without my web.

So all in all I'm more worried and stressed...but much happier than I've been in a long long time. I need to just take it easy, hang out with people, and live for awhile. I really don't want to get anything else on my plate right now. I don't have the time or the room...but I'm happy where I'm at, who I'm hanging out with, and all the people I've met and the friends I've made have been amazing.

I might write more later. I just wanted to get this typed and posted before something big happens and I forget about updating.

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