Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

Alright...I'm giving in and trying to do BOTH journals for awhile. It usually fails miserably...I'll warn you right now.

Rehersals have been going alright. I'm fairly certain the cast is irritated with my paranoia...but that's just how I roll. It gets better after the first couple of shows are over with. I think having a preview performance helped last night. I'm just concerned there isn't going to be anyone in the audience for opening tonight. I've never done a Thursday show before so it just seems sorta weird I guess.

Tuesday's final dress went really well. I just felt way more relaxed and had a lot more fun than usual. Yesterday's preview was alright. I forgot a couple lines and had a few "er" moments...but for the most part it was okay. Everyone else did really great and I think we'll have an awesome show for the paying public.

I ducked out on movie night last night. I feel like a horrible person...but dude...I was tired. I think I'm going to be dead by Sunday. With packing my entire house and moving on Saturday plus all the shows...I'm pretty sure I'm just going to sleep 24 hours on Monday. Screw class.

*sigh* I'm just as confused as ever about everything else. I'm sick of feeling like a giddy schoolgirl. I just need to keep reminding myself to be reasonable and stay grounded. It really does help. Until certain OTHER people start giving me crap again. I'm amazed how much I can control until other people start putting in their two cents. It's weird...there are certain people I like joking around with and there are others that just irritate me. Too bad I can't just go around wearing a sandwhich board sign saying "I'm in the mood to joke with _______ now." Oh well.

I had a minor panic attack last night before the show. It was nothing anyone did. I just can't handle being put on the spot. I wish I could just relax and go with the flow of things...but I just can't. It sucks because I know it drives everyone around me crazy...but I REALLY try to relax and I REALLY just can't.

Oh well...enough bitching for one day. Hope everyone else is doing superb.
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