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I will survive...

So...opening was tonight. We had seven people in the audience. But at least it went well. They were a responsive audience.

I think I've sent the wrong impression to some of my cast members. I need to stop worrying about it. It just makes me sad because some nights are so much fun when everyone's laughing and and joking around and then other nights it just seems like everyone's *well...for the most part* avoiding me. Oh well. I need to stop worring about that stupid crap.

I felt really decent about my performance tonight. Which rarely happens. I'm just hoping that I can keep it up the rest of the week. I have another show tonight, and then I have to move all my shit out of Sean's on Saturday...it's the only day I have with my parents here...and then I have another show on Saturday and then a Sunday afternoon show. Suckage dude.

Oh well...at least I'm having a nice time relaxing and winding down right now. I can worry more later...tonight I'm going to go home....get this damn makeup and hairspray off me...go to sleepy land...skip anthro more than likely...and just simmer for awhile. *sigh* It's gonna kick some ass.

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