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From last week....

Circle 1: Identity captures began and ended with "Lisa Loeb." Others included variations of (currently buffered): Marla, Girly Pants, Liv, Daria, Jo-Love, etc. Overall forecast: Highly intelligent, extreme levels of elegance and beauty. Suitable endeavors: Unlimited.

Circle 2: Unknown forecast

Circle 3: "She was like a raven dude." /Projected response: "I'm like a ravendude." => Raven

I found that today while going through boxes. That TOTALLY made me smile.

I totally caught O'Dell ALMOST speaking poorly about me today. So here's the situation. I was sitting in the hall outside Michelle's office, and O'Dell was talking to another professor in the office next to her's. They were talking about how they don't understand why students are always trying to turn in late assignments and missing tests and expecting them to be able to be made up and such. He says something like "That's why I make it very clear in the syllabus that I will not accept any late work and if you miss the final you're just out of luck. I had this one student yesterday who asked me if I would accept a paper that they were supposed to hand in Monday. They're an excellent student so I..."
This is where I just couldn't help myself....
Me: "Mr. O'Dell. You might not want to say anything else because I'm sitting right outside the door."
Mr O'Dell: *silence for five seconds or so* Oh...well...excellent student sitting right outside the door...here's your paper back. *hands me the test that's been graded and goes back into the neighboring office* And of course, because she's an excellent student and had an excuse I accepted it and she got all the problems right. There are advantages to being an excellent student.
Heh...I can't help but feel like I "caught" him...even though he really wasn't about to say anything BAD. I still can't help but have a little inner joy over that exchange.

Michelle's the bestest. She gave me goatcheese and cheese ball and crackers today. My belly is the happiest belly ever because of her.

I went and talked to Liz today about staying up north longer. Not looking like that's an option...which SUCKS. But...oh well. I'll get over it. Looks like I'll be spending New Year's up north *blech* because I won't be able to get another visit in over break. Heh. No drinking on New Year's Eve sucks...believe me. I'm either working or having to spend it with my parents. I think last year was the ONLY year I got to do a New Year's toast...and come to think of it...I don't think I did get to do it for one reason or another. I remember a lot of people did though.

Took my drama150 final today. Talked to Pat about my grade and sleeping through the final group presentation Monday. She didn't even ASK where I was so I didn't have to lie about it...which was cool. She graded my final and I got a 130/150 on it. Even without handing in my two missing papers, the group project and my final I was still getting a D in the class. So she accepted my essay and set design and the paper I wrote ABOUT our project, and said that I can lose up to 62 out of the possible 200 points and still have an A. I could also type up an extra credit essay and hand it in before Friday if for some reason I bombed one of the paper. She's going to email me tomorrow and let me know. I think I'll be fine even without the extra paper though. It turns out I could have just not done the group project and still got a A. I've never gotten points taken off a written assignment yet and the possible points I can get out of the group project are only 50. So I'd still have a 12 point grace without doing a damn thing for it. I wish I would have known that before:P

Other potentially...exciting for lack off a better word (uplifting?)...things.

This is all.

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