Girly Pants (theater_chica) wrote,
Girly Pants

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I hate hate hate it when I can't get people out of my head. I'm happy right where I why am I stuck on this? Why can't I just realize I'm happy and not care about the rest of it?

I'm doing a show with Theatre 7. The experience hasn't been what I expected at all. I'm a dinky chorus part...which I'm fine with...but it means a lot of dancing. I'm not BAD at dancing, but I'm not really GOOD either. And the people who are doing the choreography aren't all that good either. Which is making for a lot of tempers flaring. And then of course there's me getting all intimidated by all the new people. I've never been a 'cool' kid and I never will be a 'cool' kid. I just freeze around people I want to make a good impression around. People I don't care about I can chat with and banter with all day long, but people that I actually want to impress I just freeze around. Oh well. Probably better for my home life this way anyhow.

That's really about all that I can think of to post right now. Andy hurt his knee :( He will hopefully be getting an MRI on Wednesday to see what all needs to be done to get it fixed. Here's to hoping it's something that isn't going to keep him out of work for weeks and weeks on end :( Uggg.
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