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I promised a post...I shall deliver.

I don't even know when my last "real" post was. It's been that long. First I should start off by apologizing for the lack of comments in everyone's journal. It's been a crazy weekend and is looking to be a crazy week...so give me another chance...I'm usually pretty good about stuff like that.

Well...for starters Friday was interesting. I don't even know what all went on...it's such a blur. All I know is it started ok, went very very very sour, and ended in pure bliss. I can say thatandyanarchist and I ended up going out to the bowling alley to wish Joe a happy birthday and Justin was happy cause he got Joe loaded. I didn't sing seeing as how we didn't get there until late and it was the crappy karoke guy anyhow...but I did get to meet Ann Marie *hope I spelled it right* and Brad and a few other people...it was fun for the most part. Justin took me out to this beautiful peer later and we stood and watched the lake and listened to the water and snuggled. It was nice after all that had happened that day to know his arms still wanted to be around mine and that he could understand where I was coming from...even if we weren't in agreement. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world to agree to disagree.

Anyhow, he spent the night at my house just hanging out and snuggling. I had to get up early on Saturday because Kjirsten and I had plans to head out to the new Barnes&Noble in Wausau...considering we now have a store to let our inner geekiness out it was nearly orgasimic.

Which brings me to a point. Jounaling in here can be difficult, since the majority of my friends know how to access my journal. Mainly Justin and Jessica. I've decided in here to write my true feelings. WARNING: this does not mean that some things in here should cause panic or jealously...they are simply thoughts that have been in and out of my head. This also does not mean I am planning on acting upon any or all or none of these thoughts. THEY ARE SIMPLY THOUGHTS AND NOTHING MORE...PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS.

Ok...no that the fine print is out of the way....one the way down Kjirsten and I got into the typical "I'm fat and ugly" arguement that many women get into when feeling insecure about themselves. To make a long story short...she likes me and would consider dating me if not for Justin...and I would probably do the same. Moot point....I am dating Justin and I love him to death. Thank Gods she is one of those understanding people and I think I'm going to gain a great friend and nothing more...and we both *well Justin too...so all three of us* are ok with this.

So yeah...went to Barnes&Nobles...came home. Wait...met Justin in Minocqua...came home....
Justin helped me create my character...thankies *hugs and kisses* We snuggled and hugged and has an all around great night :-)

Sunday....went BACK to Wausau with Justin this time. Same things...only a better time in ways because I was with him. His was nice enough to get me a book I needed for my social problems project *ironically enough* about how media shapes women to feel bad about their bodies. I'm working on it with Kjirsten...since we both have major problems with this. But we stopped at the mall after that. Jake wasn't working *I miss him...he's reallly like the big brother I never had to me* so we ended up browsing...I ended up getting totally bugged because the "in" clothing this season is what I adore and have ALWAYS adored...not just because it's in now....so I'm was like "I have to get a job....NOW" but ended up getting to Bath and Body works and getting some massage oil....need I say more ;-)

So Justin was at my house till about three...he went home and I've read in the last post he made it okay to school...I don't feel quite so guilty anymore. I'm sure I'm forgetting something in here somewhere....but that's the gist of my weekend.

*Hugs and smooches to all*



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Oct. 28th, 2002 02:12 pm (UTC)
Smooches you back
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