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Character sketch

I originally started this based on dead_girl's journal, but as time went on I added things here and there and filled in here and there until it ended up something way different than what I started with. But I still owe her tons of thanks for giving me the starting point to come up with this stuff.

Amanda Keck
Creative Writing
October 28, 2002
Character Sketch

Kavita Hemmings has issues with everyone and everything. For starters, she thinks that her parents are bone fide weirdoes, possibly with good reason. She can't stand her name, not because she doesn't like it, but because she heard rumors that her parents gave her this name because THEIR parents would pay her if they did it. So they did. Understandably, she feels used from the very beginning. Her parents also go through more phases than your average teenager does. In the 26 short years she's been living, her parents have been hippies, druggies, pastors, environmentalists, and just recently they've "went Amish" as she puts in and have decided that the "modern world" is pure evil. Because of all this stress that's been put on her, she avidly hates tofu, bell-bottoms, and Christianity, and not in that order.

But her parents are only the beginning. She also has issues with the American educational system. She's never understood why this country feels the need to teach thousands of useless facts and statistics that she'll never use. She's becoming an actress. She doesn't need to take Analytic Geometry, History of Indonesia during the 1900's, or Advanced Human Biology. Her feelings are most inline with that of the European system; take what you need for whatever you're going to do, learn a little extra to be well rounded, and then get on with your life. Oh, and on that subject, she doesn't understand why she should have to pay $15,000 a year to go to school. Other places offer a higher education just like America's public high schools, why can't we?

Oh yes, because we have the stupidest government imaginable. She doesn't understand why we play policeman to the world. She doesn't understand why 30% of her income just automatically belongs to the government. She can't begin to fathom how a president can become president without even getting the popular vote. In short, she avoids government at all costs except on Election Day. She goes to vote just so her can write in the name of her elementary school principle for every single office available.

Her wardrobe is mixed beyond belief. For the most part she dresses in dark colors; black, maroons, purples, midnight blues. She loves silver and hates gold. She doesn't know why, but she guesses it's because she's a night person and silver reminds her of the moon. She usually wears very frilly clothes with lots of lace and ties. She loves looking feminine, but at the same time she loves looking dark and angsty. She doesn't wear much make up, but what she does only amplifies her natural beauty. With her shoulder length straight auburn hair and green eyes she is always turning someone's head. She sometimes accents her long neckline with a string of pearls, but saves that for special occasions. She's not sure what affects her sense of style because some days she'll completely deviate from her "norm" and wear a pale yellow slip dress or a pair of heels with studded jeans. She gets angry because she can't define her look at times.

Kavita has several addictions. Her biggest one is sex. She can't get enough, and she can't get it rough enough. Whether its bondage, biting, whips, chains…she loves it all. Of course no one really knows this except the people she gets involved with. Deep down she's really quite ashamed of her kinks, but she loves them too much to give them up. Ever since she started dating her ex, Trevor, she's had these urges and she usually blames Trevor for anything that ever goes wrong in her life. If she can't think of a way to blame it on Trevor, she figures out a way to blame it on men in general. Lately she's gotten into a bit of a bisexuality kick, leaning heavily to the female side. Although she's never actually been with a woman, she has the feeling that a female would understand her better and appreciate her more than the men she has dated.

Another nasty habit of Kavita's is smoking. Like a lot of teens, she started just to piss off her parents, but finds now that she can't stop. On the outside she doesn't care if she quits or not. She figures she has to die some way and lung cancer is as good as any other, but deep down she knows it's slowly eating away at her. She's tried that chewing gum, but couldn't deal with the nasty taste so gave up on it.

As for friends, she's mostly a loner. She has one close friend, Jesyka, who lives in another town. She talks to her constantly on the phone, and is a bit in debt because of it. They met each other in middle school and were joined at the hip ever since. Kavita's parents blame Jesyka for a lot of their daughter's "corruption" and Kavita resents them for it. She's slowly learning how to deal with not having her best friend right there and secretly hopes someday that they'll be able to be together again. She has tons of other friends just because of her outspoken nature, but no one she feels she can really talk to when she feels down in the dumps.


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Oct. 29th, 2002 08:28 am (UTC)
Well Done :)
Oct. 29th, 2002 10:54 am (UTC)
Thanks...and again thanks so much for letting me read your journal. Do you mind if I keep you on my friends list...I love reading your entries!!!
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