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What a fricken weekend. Can't remember what I did Friday...I think I mostly slept if I recall correctly. Saturday was uh...interesting to say the least. Justin and I went over to Lake Tomahawk to go see my rentals at the Clean and Freeky dance. I got to see Jason for about two seconds...and I saw Wendy too. *for those who don't know....these were two people that were at the last camp out I was at and I really connected with Jason. He's gay, lived up here most of his life, is going into theater....* Anyhow, on the way out I ran into Mike...who said he wasn't going to be there in the first place. He was an ass as usual.

Anyhow, after that we went to CK to just chill for a bit. I ended up seeing Beth Kriek who is absolutely gorgeous now. As Jess said earlier...why is it all the fat ugly girls go off to college and become beautiful and we go to shit?

Yeah, so we ended up discovering that Jake was at Brian's party, so I begged and pleaded to go. Of course Justin gets all fricken paranoid and stuff. But I got to meet a few new people, bitch about Andrea being a bitch, talked to Jake for all of ten minutes, saw Brian, it was all in all fun. Ended up staying after Justin left because I was in a social mood. Prolly not wise on my part since it just made him all insecure....but hey...I need a life too. Stayed up most of the night talked to Brian in his "altered" state...very interesting that boy. I also met his roommate Jesse who seems like a pretty cool guy. He's got luscious hair that boy :-P

Anyhow...this brings me to my new theory. I have pheromones from hell. I can spend two minutes with a guy and for some reason they just HAVE to date me then. Case in point....Brian was all over me Saturday at the party. He's emailed me twice and chatted with me a few times since then. Fine and dandy...I sorta knew Brian before, whatever. But THEN I get this random message from his roommate, Jesse:

theater_chica (07:24:36 PM): who are you?
emelayche (07:38:45 PM): it's Jesse! Don't tell Brian I'm on : )
theater_chica (07:25:05 PM): ok
emelayche (07:39:55 PM): I don't know you very well (and don't let me distract you from whoever you're chatting with) but I'm finding you more pleasant all the time as Brian talks about you and we reminisce about the party.
theater_chica (07:26:16 PM): Umm...well thanks I think.
emelayche (07:40:20 PM): being the only one that doesn't smoke...
emelayche (07:40:33 PM): I felt so bad, that was me forever.. until I quit drinking.
theater_chica (07:27:17 PM): *nods* I'm used to it.
emelayche (07:41:21 PM): that's great
theater_chica (07:28:52 PM): All my friends are into the whole drinking/smoking thing...as long as they don't bug me I don't bug them.
emelayche (07:43:39 PM): awesome
emelayche (07:43:43 PM): you don't hear that too often
theater_chica (07:30:43 PM): True true....sorta sucks...but hey...as long as I'm happy and they're happy let them do whatever...that's my theory.
emelayche (07:45:08 PM): stick to it
emelayche (07:45:12 PM): how tall are you?
theater_chica (07:32:01 PM): 5'9"...why?
emelayche (07:46:06 PM): wow
emelayche (07:46:35 PM): I don't know.... it's an astonishing site to see a tall, dark haired woman.
emelayche (07:47:07 PM): Knowing they're out there...... I don't know...... somethin comes outta me..
theater_chica (07:33:42 PM): Awwwwww.
emelayche (07:47:30 PM): (- - movie-HEAT) ..... which reminds me.... you strive to be an actor?
emelayche (07:47:52 PM): My goal in life is to be a movie director. Web design is a small scale operation of it.
theater_chica (07:35:08 PM): Yeah...that's what I'm transferring for once I'm done with Nicole.
emelayche (07:50:00 PM): wow that's so cool
emelayche (07:53:15 PM): so what do you think of Brian?
theater_chica (07:39:17 PM): *shrugs* I'll never have a job.
theater_chica (07:39:23 PM): But it's my passion.
emelayche (07:53:25 PM): oh shut up
theater_chica (07:40:05 PM): I won't.
theater_chica (07:56:11 PM): still there?
theater_chica (07:56:15 PM): my puter's fucked up
emelayche (07:56:39 PM): I am very much here.
theater_chica (07:57:29 PM): anyhow...what do I think of Brian? He's a great guy...very sweet...I don't know him incredibly well but from what I do know he's a good guy to have as a friend.
emelayche (07:58:00 PM): the best, he is.
emelayche (07:58:19 PM): We quite often wish to god that one of us was a chick.
theater_chica (07:59:02 PM): Can't blame.
theater_chica (07:59:11 PM): ya
theater_chica (08:00:55 PM): Yeah...I didn't know hardly anyone there....Jake and Brian and that's about it.
emelayche (08:01:24 PM): yup.. well that's ok.
emelayche (08:01:31 PM): what are you doing right now?
emelayche (08:01:35 PM): you don't have a car do you..
emelayche (08:01:45 PM): well whenever you get the opportunity.... come over again
theater_chica (08:01:31 PM): NOt a whole lot...getting some homework done...and yes I have a car.
theater_chica (08:01:44 PM): I have a couple quizzes tomorrow...lots of reading.
emelayche (08:04:06 PM): Brian is downstairs chatting with you on another line.. how cool.
emelayche (08:04:14 PM): Well I think you should come over right now.

So yeah...I have the pheromones from hell....two minutes talking to someone and that's the response I get.

Anyhow I thought I was going to die yesterday. I was so sick I couldn't stand up and I was puking all the time. More like stomach convulsions since nothing was really in my stomach...but yeah. I also felt as if I was literally burning from the inside out every time I stood up. I passed out in the basement trying to cut upstairs and cut my neck all up. And I'm still really dizzy. Yes friends...it's been a fun past few days.

Anyhoot...I'll leave ya'll with that :-)


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Nov. 5th, 2002 12:51 am (UTC)
Just to let you know, if i remember correctly, Jesse hits on anything with boobs (and maybe without boobs, i'm not sure of his "style"). He does have rockin hair though!
Nov. 5th, 2002 05:15 am (UTC)
Good then it's not just me. :-)
Nov. 5th, 2002 06:25 am (UTC)
Feel better soon o.k.

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