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I swear to God some people need to get over themselves and just grow up.

At least after reading Justin's post I can understand why he wanted to call me. Clean breaks are always better than not clean breaks I suppose. *shrugs* I just find it amusing what he thought BRIAN *and yes, it's BRIAN people* were doing. Not that I need to defend myself...but they were not boxer shorts *unless Burger King suddenly allows employees to wear boxers...he used to work there and was just wearing the shorts from his old uniform.* I dunno, I mean, yes...we did do things...but not that night...but anyhow. I guess I feel bad because I could see this happening and just didn't have the balls to just say it's over. I don't regret anything I did *well actually, I do but I don't, it's complicated and right now I just can't explain.* I guess I'm just really messed up and have no fricken clue what I want. Not that that is anything new mind you....but yeah. I know he's hurting *or was hurting...hopefully now he just hates me and thinks that I'm the bitch I am....I'm not sure. At least I know he doesn't love me anymore...not sure if that's good or bad....but hey...I only had two "enemies" so maybe I could use a third...I don't know.* Nothing I can do about it now....so I'm going to stop worrying about it.

The video was hilarious though. Not because of what was going on...just because it was funny. No one in particular was funny, I think it was mostly Mike's camera work. *no...not THE Mike...Brian's roomie, soon to be ex-roomie, Mike* That and Justin attempting drama was a blast. And Jesse's "soundtrack" to the whole thing just sent it over the top. Oh yes....forgot to mention. He ended up coming over to Brian's "demanding" to see me *which I found sort of rude considering other people live there, one was trying to sleep, one was attempting to work, and two were in the middle of moving out...but anyway...beside the point.* I just realized I'm using a lot of asterisk today. I like asterisk. Anywhoot...yeah....so Mike grabs the digi video cam and I got to watch the whole thing....totally put me in the mind of "The Real World : Geek Style." At least it provided relief from the tension.

On the happier side of things...I went to an AMAZING blues fest thing on Saturday. Which by the way is the actual reason I didn't call Justin...and after that I just knew it was pointless because things were over really even before we made the agreement to talk. But yeah, happy thoughts. They fed us an AMAZING dinner...turkey and all the trimmings, squash, potatoes, homemade rye bread, and pumpkin pie for desert. Oh yummy. I got to talk with Jesse for a little more last night which was nice. I feel like I'm invading his house and don't know him...so just sitting around talking to him I think might help me with that.

Anyhow...I don't really feel like typing anymore. Hope everyone had a great weekend...laters all.



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Nov. 11th, 2002 06:35 am (UTC)
I swear to God some people need to get over themselves and just grow up.

I agree there I have would why also.


Nov. 11th, 2002 06:41 am (UTC)
Enemy is a strong word...
I think that enemy is a strong word. It means a continuing hate of someone, I don't hate you, I did need to bitch last nite though. But now I'm over that, I just don't care anymore. Sure I'll have my moments of pain and regret. But otherwise I just won't care anymore, I tried didn't work, so fuck it. Your words thoughts and opinion no longer hold any sway with me.

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