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Let's see here...

College is more work than it's worth. Not academic work mind you...I'm talking psychical pain and labor. I know I've bitched about how cold it is up here nonstop...but damn. Really, I don't think it's healthy to be walking that far in this weather. And it's not like you can wear three or four layers to class....unless you want to pile a mountain of clothes next to you when you finally get there. Film is going to be awesome. Alan *the instructor* has the same favorite swear word as I do and he had to have used it at least four times today. So fuck this and fuck that and fuck the parking system at Nicolet. I also met with Eaton after being 15 minutes late from said parking situation. I'm so stuck with writers block it's not even funny. I'm just going to have to "pump something out" like he says and go from there. I have such a small amount of work in most of my classes before I"m caught up:) Everything but ethics...which is a crock of shit. Plus I've got a week head start on Algebra homework *it's a review for I'm hoping to stay way ahead and give me some "catch up" time.* And that's where my life is. Mike is still annoying me every now and then. Brian's....well he's Brian. And that's my social life in a nutshell. I got the damn afghan done and I guess Grandma has sent it off to Cousin? David. I think he's a cousin.

Ta Ta For Now~
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