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Help me help me!!!!

Here's what I've got...now all I need is a plot, climax, and conclusion...any ideas?

"Hey Kavi, what's happenin'?" Andy drawled in his most annoying voice.
Kavita dropped the stack of books she was carrying. She knew without looking who it was. The Kavi gave it away. She despised this nickname and instantly wanted to tackle the guy who just uttered those words.
"Who the hell let you in here?" She bent down to pick up the mess that was left on the floor. "Why are you in my house? What are you doing here? Where did you come from? Better yet, go back to where you came from."
"Relax girl. We have a project to do together, remember? You're mom let me in and told me to come on down."
Shit. She looked at the title of the books on the floor. Fuel Today, Gone Tomorrow, Modern Solutions to Today's Electricity Needs, and Using Alternative Energy. How did she get stuck in a freshman level Science course was beyond her. Actually she knew exactly how she got there. She put off all her science requirements until this, her senior year. Usually she was one to get everything out of the way right away, but for some reason she had abandoned all her normal principles and put this off. And look where it's gotten me, she thought. That will teach me my lesson.
Kavita had the pleasure of being paired with one of her least favorite people, Andy, for the "Introduction to Environmental Science" final project. The project, which would determine twenty-five percent of their final grade, was due in two weeks and they hadn't even started. Kavita was putting off the inevitable; working on anything with Andy made her skin twitch. Andy on the other hand was relishing in the fact that he had two entire weeks to bother his favorite person in the world to annoy, Kavita.
"Well, let's get this damn thing done. Best place to start would be to get the hell out of my room." I can't believe my mother let him in here. I've been reduced to a babbling idiot. I can't even come up with some snide remark. What's wrong with me? "I guess we can go upstairs in the dining room." She headed out of her room and up the basement stairs.
"Nice setup you've got in there. Very dark and gothic."
Kavita couldn't tell if he was being serious or not, so she just choose to ignore the comment. Instead of her usual wit, she simply said "Up the stairs and to your left."
"Wow Andy, you're welcome. I like it. The velvet cost a fortune though," Andy mocked her in a high pitched voice. "You know Kavi, I was really hoping that you'd get rid of your chill for at least the next couple of weeks. I mean this isn't going to be amiable but you don't have to actively make it worse than it is.
"Oh, but I do. I just wouldn't be me if I didn't. Besides, I figure it might encourage you to actually work. The more work you do the less time you spend here, that's the way I see it."

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