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Series one
-- Birthplace: Woodruff, WI
-- Current Location: Eagle River, WI
-- Eye Color:brown
-- Hair Color: brown/black
-- Righty or Lefty: lefty...in both politics and hand use
-- Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
-- Innie or Outtie: innie

Series two - describe
-- Your heritage: German and Native American *explains my temper and tolerance of alcohol*
-- The shoes you wore today:I just woke up...so I haven't worn shoes yet.
-- Your eyes: Big and brown with long lashes and bushy eyebrows.
-- Your hair: Long and straight, half brown and half black.
-- Your weakness: Chocolate and pizza
-- Your fears: Dying on a bridge during and earthquake and drowning.
-- Your perfect pizza:Lots and lots of cheese with extra sauce on the side to dip it in.

Series three - what is
-- Your most overused phrase on aim: I spose.
-- Your thoughts first waking up: Damn...I slept really late again.
-- The first feature you notice in the same or opposite sex: Looks...sorry.
-- Your bedtime: When I fall asleep...somewhere between 8PM and 6AM
-- Your greatest accomplishment: Touring Europe

Series four - you prefer
-- Pepsi or coke: Diet whatever...I'm not that picky.
-- McDonald's or Burger King: Hardee's
-- Single or group dates: I don't date...all the guys I've seen recently are too poor to take me out or just stupid.
-- Adidas or Nike: All day I dream about sex.
-- Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
-- Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino
-- boxers or briefs: Thongs

Series five - do you
-- Smoke: Ewwww...no.
-- Cuss: Fuck you.
-- Take a shower everyday:I try...at least every other day.
-- Have a crush(es): Always...I'm boy crazy.
-- Do you think you've been in love: Possibly...I'm not sure if love exsists anymore.
-- Want to go to college: Am currently attempting to get through it now.
-- Want to get married: Lord no.
-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: Always.
-- Believe in yourself: Not usually.
-- Think you're attractive: I'm average, but have my moments.
-- Get along with your parents: Not that often.
-- Like thunderstorms: I love watching the lightening.
-- Play an instrument: Clarinet, saxophone, piano...and I struggle with flute and trumpet

Series six - in the past month, did/have you
-- Drank alcohol: Ummmm...I think so.
-- Made Out: No comment *if you call it that :-P*
-- Go on a date: Ummm...define date.
-- Been in love: Dude...this is repetitive...and I'm not sure again.
-- Gone skinny dipping: Nope.

Series seven -- have you ever
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: This one time…at band camp….
-- Been caught "doing something": Um...not really caught.
-- Been called a tease: Hahhahahaah...I'm always being called a tease.

Series eight - the future
-- Age you hope to be married: 368
-- Numbers and Names of Children:None.
-- Describe your Dream Wedding:Why must you assume I want to get married?
-- How do you want to die: Painlessly.
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: Something to do with theater or music.
-- What country/continent would you most like to visit: I want to go back to London or visit Greece.

Series nine - opposite sex (or in some cases same sex)
-- Best eye color: Green
-- Best hair color:Red...but really neither matters all that much.
-- Short or long hair: Whatever looks good.
-- Best weight: Whatever.
-- Best first kiss location: ????????

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