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Survey for the tenth time....

O1. full name - Amanda Jo Keck
O2. date of birth - 01-18-81
O3. age - 22
O4. sex - Female
O5. height - 5'10
O6. location - Eagle River, WI
O7. hair color - Brown/Blackish Red
O8. eye color - brown
O9. sexual preference - Non-snobish whatever.
O001. what do you think of cheerleading - It's one of the most difficult sports there is because it requires so much dedication to be good at it.
O002. favorite disney character - I'm not a big disney fan...but I'd say Timon and Pumba
O003. what brand of deodorant do you use - Avon
O004. of the people you've kissed, who was the worst kisser - Chris or Mike...they were both pretty slobbery
O005. do you know anyone who you think is homosexual but say they aren't - Mike...I swear he's using girls as a cover
O006. do you know anyone who is homosexual - one
O007. do you know anyone who is bisexual - several that I know of
O008. do you know anyone named leroy - The guy were got Oscar from was named Leroy
O009. do you like pickles -Nope...texture issues.
O010. do you have a website - I used to...not really anymore. I just keep everything on here
O011. do you watch porn - Sometimes...but just for laughs. Doesn't do anything for me.
O012. are you black -That I am not.
O013. are you an ocean lover - I perfer the pool or a lake...don't like the salt of the ocean
O014. who are you gonna vote for - For what?
O015. do you have your own phone line -Nope...I'm not spoiled...
O016. your thoughts on abortion - Partial birth shouldn't be allowed, and multiple abortions should be looked into *i.e. not used for birth controll*
O017. do you like britney spears -Some of her music is okay, but I'm not crazy about her as a person.
O018. do you wanta britney doll - Gods no.
O019. what do you want for christmas - I NEED my music for auditions next year and some new dance cloths and jazz shoes.
O020. do you have your 2 front teeth - si
O021. what do you want to do with your life - Act
O022. ever been butt naked bangin' on the bathroom floor -Not in MY bathroom at least.
O023. would you ever get plastic surgery, if so, on what - possibly...if it was possible to get my boobs closer together...not bigger...but more centered
O024. biggest redneck you know - Mike
O025. last time you went to a skating rink -Last year sometime...hope to get out this year.
O026. last time you went to a bowling alley - Hmmm...sometime when I was with Justin...four or five months ago???
O027. what perfume / cologne do you wear - Tranquil moments or CK One
O028. do you think foreign accents are sexy -Depends...German accents aren't a big turn on...
O029. do you like jell-o - Only the red flavors
O030. do you like hot dogs -as long as they're plain
O031. brand of toothpaste - Colgate 2-in-1 whitening
O032. last time you went to the doctor -I dunno...I go a lot.
O033. do you think ricky martin is gay - Don't know, don't care.
O034. do you think tractors are sexy - depends on who's on top of it.
O035. do you have a credit card -Not anymore...too dangerous
O036.do you love your mom -at times
O037. do you love your mom as much as norman bates did in PSYCHO - Wouldn't know...haven't seen it.
O038. ever taken ballet - When I was small....looking to get back into it.
O039. favorite juice - orange
O040. last time you used the restroom - A few hours ago???
O041. most attractive person you know ? I have no clue....depends on how well you want me to know them.
O042. do you have any diseases - Diabetes, athsma *however you spell it* and occasional bouts of anxiety and depression

And since I'm not in the mood to make a real post this is going to have to do for now.


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Feb. 24th, 2003 09:25 pm (UTC)
good stuff , some were amusing
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