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The usual...
Name: Amanda
Birth date: 01-18-81
Location: ER, WI
Sex: female...although some would say I act more like a guy than most guys
Height: 5'9"
Current Bands/Artists: Whatever, I'm not picky
Clothing: jeans and fake fur
Accessories: my backpack...I can't leave home without it

This or that...
Nice smiles or nice eyes? : Can't I have both?
Jeans or skirts?: jeans, unless I'm in a girly mood
Boots or sneakers?: Boots
Natural or make-up? :: usually natural just because I'm too lazy for make up
Restaurants or fast food? :: restaurants, but fast food breakfast rules
Italian food or Chinese? :: Italian all the way, honey garlic chicken is good though
Dark or light eyes? :: Don't really care either way.
Streaked or dyed hair? :: streaked
Vampires or Gods? :: Gods
Shakespeare or Greek mythology? :: Greek mythology
Milk shakes or floats? ::milk shakes *chocolate*
Drugs or cigarettes? :: neither *gag*
Football or cheerleading? ::cheerleading
Cake or pie? :: apple pie


Do you want to die? :: painlessly
Do you brush your teeth? ::yes...I hate morning breath
Much time do you take to dress up? :: I took a half hour for prom...everything else is less
Do you like your life? :: I'd love a new one....but for now it will do
Well do most people know you? ::They think they know all about me, but most are only scraping the surface
Common or original is this survey? :: same ole same ole
Often do you smile? :: enough
Many times a week do you eat junk food? :: too many....three or four

Do you..
Sing? :: All the time.
Dance? :: only if it's cheerleading or dance team type stuff
Laugh a lot? ::If something's funny, I laugh.
Like spicy food? :: I LOVE spicy foods
Prefer bagels over yogurt? :: Raspberry yogurt rocks
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? :: I guess you could call it that...I have a girl friend and a boy friend....:P
Want one? ::over rated
Think babies are cute? :: If they're in pictures....not in real life.
Children in general? :: Can't stand em.
Believe in fortune cookies? :: Yup...well not really but I'd like to.
Believe in life after death? :: Yup
Believe in life after love? :: When you don't believe in love it's hard to answer that one...
Believe that anything is possible? ::no
Believe that everyone has a purpose in life? :: If they want to.
Know what yours is? :: I think so...I could be wrong though

You a girl? :: last time i checked
You a comedian? :: not hardly
Your friends true friends in your opinion? :: most of them
You bored? :: Would I be doing this if I wasn't?

Your heritage :: German and native American
Your usual outfit :: black dance pants or jeans and a hoodie
Your hair ::brown/black
Your eyes :: dark brown
What you'd like to change about yourself :: more toned
How you would like to die ::repetitive aren't we?
Your perfect mate (physical features) :: depends on the day

Are your weaknesses? :: clothes, theater
Are your fears? :: earthquakes, bridges
Does your perfect pizza consist of? :: cheese....
Is the difference between fate and destiny? ::there isn't any
Is one thing you would like to achieve? :: one performance on Broadway

Do you love the most? ::myself
Would you like to meet that you know online? :: lots of people...too many to list
Is the one person who makes you laugh the most? :: Wagner
Really annoys you? ::Brian at times but I love him to death
Could you not live without? ::Wagner
Doesn't like you though you like him/her? :: I'm sure there's lots of people that fit this category, but I don't know who...
Likes you though you hate him/her? :: Same as above.

Hate too much of a strong word? :: Hell no....
Food from other cultures good? :: Good to try, not always good though
Your mood calm at the moment? :: My mother's home, what do you think????


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Feb. 26th, 2003 12:42 am (UTC)
2 things struck me about this survey. 1. I really want cheese pizza now. 2. i'm surprised i didn't make it into the "really annoying" category ;)

I love you babe *hugs*
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