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Woah Nelly!!!

Yeah...so I'm sitting here at my computer at about 1:00 this morning and none other than Stephen pops up online. I was so sure he was dead!! So we had a decent talk...I think Greece is doing wonders for him. He actually made a anti-Republican comment *gasp* and seems to be enjoying himself...rescuing sheep and the like.

Anyhow....survey to follow....

- three worst qualities: I'm a chronic complainer, worrier, and I have a tendency to be a bit lazy.

- three things you are often complimented for: My artistic talents, my smile, and my intelligence *although by the way I spell you'd never know*

- a compliment you got that made you blush: I always blush and mutter around when I get compliments.

- you get embarrassed:When my mother gushes over me.

- what makes you happy: performance arts, whether watching them or actually performing.

upsets you:stupid people who don't think things through

- you keep a diary: LiveJournal and my creative writing diary

- you like to cook:Depends on my mood.

- you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: I don't think so...someone knows everything about me...although no one person knows everything.

- you fold your underwear :nope...waste of time...

- you talk in your sleep: I don't think I talk...I walk.

you set your watch a few minutes ahead: I don't usually wear a watch...and if I do I have no clue if it's set ahead or not.

- you believe in love: It's debatable.

- movie you rented: I can't remember...Mullhullond Drive was one of them.
- movie you bought: Moulin Rouge
- song you listened to: Something off the Catch Me If You Can Soundtrack

- song that was stuck in your head:- "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago

song you've downloaded: Several soundtracks, Gangs From New York and Catch Me If You Can.
- CD you bought: Last one was Pink - Mizunderstood and Rent soundtrack
- CD you listened to: Herbie Hancock - Gershwin Review
- person you've called: Brian? I dunno...I don't usually call people.
- person that's called you: Brian...I think...again...dunno.
- TV show you've watched: Arena football
- person you were thinking of: Well since the last two questions brought up Brian...Brian I guess.

- you wish you could live somewhere else:Totally...somewhere forgien would be grand
- others find you attractive: They say the do...I can't answer for sure though
- you want more piercings :Yup
- you want more tattoos : Yup...just comedy and tragedy on my shoulder.
- you drink : Rarely...very rarely.
- you like cleaning: No...do people LIKE cleaning?
- you like roller coasters: Never been on one.
- you write in cursive or print: Depends on how rushed I am.
- you carry a donor card: My driver's license has the sticker...
- you have a crush on somebody: always...I wouldn't be me without a current crush.

Have You...?:
- ever cried over a boy/girl: *sigh* Of course.
- ever lied to someone: Yup...
- ever been in a fist fight:No...I slapped a girl once in the eigth grade but she ran off crying.
- ever been arrested: no

- shampoo do you use: Avon...whatever lying around.
- perfume/cologne do you use:Again...Avon. Or CK One
- shoes do you wear: My black tie boots...or whatever's handy.
- are you scared of: Dying on a bridge during an earthquake.

- of times you have been in love: I think one...but they say if you have to think about it you haven't so none? I dunno.
- of times you have had your heart broken: More times than I've been in love.
- of hearts you have broken: Good question...several.
- of guys/girls you have kissed: Are you serious??? I have no clue.
- of people you consider your enemies: Two...Amy Leet and Andrea...well not so much enemies as I hate them and would be happy to never see them ever again. *really I'm a nice person*
- of CDs' that you own:Around 180
- of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Um....AT LEAST 50

With The Opposite Sex...?

- what do you notice first: Looks...I'm shallow okay?
- last person you slow danced with:LOL...Ummm...I think Ian Sherran at my junior prom.
- makes you smile: Stephen, Brian, Greg
- do you have a crush on: Like I'd tell you ;-)
- has a crush on you: If I knew this I'd do something about it.
- is the easiest to talk to: Brian, Jesse, Greg, uh....I don't really have talking problems to think of it :-P

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