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what a way to start the day


Your Sexual Energy is Yellow!

You have the sensuality of a goddess or spiritual temptress.

And you feel that your sexual energy comes from a deep source.

You love to tease and foreplay is by far your greatest sexual talent.

You feel the sun's light streaming through you and you reflect that energy into your partner.

You enjoy both giving and taking.

You feel completely equal and at peace during foreplay.

You have immense patience and love to touch in all of the right spots.

You tend to keep home lovers who have endured your seduction for extended periods of time.

You like to see your lovers over and over again to insure that they are completely yearning for you.

If you want to spice up your sex life, add a bit of raw sexuality.

Maybe a few silk scarves, or some erotica to share together?

Bring in fantasy and fun, and that will mix with your sexy spiritual self just delightfully!

Kate Hudson and Cate Blanchett both know how to light up a room with their yellow sexual energies.

People who hare sexual energies of red, green, and pink are a good match for you.

What Color is Your Sexual Energy?

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