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My March resolution....

I firmly believe that someone somewhere out there is really a rich movie star and wants to lavish me with gifts. Okay, so maybe not. But I do believe I'm going to keep posting this link to keep reminding myself of my goals and aspirations. And not only that...but since I plan to pay for the stuff I need myself *granted I don't NEED some of this...but still* I think it will help me stay motivated since it's money coming out of my pocket. That and I really do miss dancing. I think it started when I was cheering and we mixed in some dance team work with it...considering the next year the cheerleading and dance teams were combined. I realized how much I truly did miss it. And after going to auditions with Tim I realized I could combine my love of theater, music and dance...so I'm going for it!!! So take that world.


And I called the Northwoods School of Dance today. *(715-362-3455) Just in case you didn't get my message Tim* Of course, the lady that teaches is out of town and the guy that took my message sounded high as a kite so who knows if she'll get it or not. But that's the first step. Oh my Gods...I haven't been this excited in years!!!! Whoot!! Now all I need is my damn dance sneakers...stat!!!

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