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Random Musings....

Okay...so it's 3:15 and no one is online...so this would be a good time to update I suppose. Hmmmm...my audition, to put it mildly, sucked ass. There was almost no one there, being a Sunday and all, so there was no one to read with that made any ounce of sense. Hopefully tomorrow there will be more people. The one thing I hate about theater is sometimes it just doesn't matter how good you are, you're cast on looks. The play is about these two sisters. Now, I'm not going to get cast with a 5'5" redhead. It just doesn't work that way. And my fater isn't going to be some 600 pound balding dude. Now, the fact that this might actually happen is nature must be overlooked for the stage. Which royally sucks. Because I'm 5'9". How many girls are going to be around that height auditioning with brown hair to play my sister? And how many men are going to be at least that height if not taller to be my father? Yeah...genetics sucks. Not saying that I SHOULD get the part...I mean hell I might just suck anyhow and that's why I won't get it...but the fact that looks plays a key role just pisses me off sometimes, ya know?

Onto other things....I've been thinking alot lately about just random shit. Of course now that's its 3:30 in the morning I can't think of this said shit. But just weird things, like "Is it worth saying in a relationship that you enjoy having but know isn't going to go anywhere?" I mean...think about it. The whole point of a relationship is to, well I don't know. What is the fucking point of a relationship? Just stupid shit that's been bugging me.

Oh well, enough rambling for one night. I'm sure I'll think of whatever it is that keeps popping into my head later...like in the car where there's no computer so I can type it up
:-P Cause that's the way it works dontchaknow?


Mar. 15th, 2003 12:46 pm (UTC)
If the relationship doesn't improve your life it's not worth staying in. If it only keeps you on hold or pulls you back, let it go so you can move forward.

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