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Well, I survived the Ides of March, I survived a_gothic_beauty's birthday, and now all I have to get through is St. Patrick's Day and I'm home free!! Tomorrow the Trader comes out and I shall start sending out resumes to the people that are hiring. The library is looking for someone to work in the children's department and I'm thinking about that since I've been involved with that program for years at Plum Lake. I pretty much know what it's about and the library's a nice environment to work in...so maybe, who knows? There's also a few places looking for a receptionist, the hospital my mum works at needs someone in the cancer department. Only problem I see with that is that it's a bit depressing, being surrounded by cancer patients all day. That's what I ran into when I worked at the nursing home, not sure if I want to go through all that again. And then there is always the several "mystery places" that are hiring people but won't say who they are. You're just supposed to send your resume to the newspaper office and that's that. I've always been leery of those places. I mean...are they really so bad they don't want you to know where you're applying? If I do get a good full time job up here with insurance I'll probably stay up here for the summer, otherwise I'm considering going to Decatur to stay with dad. Not only does he live in a bigger city with more opportunities, but he's got air conditioning and a dishwasher...bonus!! I'm still busy with school...although I rarely go to class. I'm planning on dropping most of my classes anyhow if I find a job...I need money more than credits right now. Things around here are getting really tight *we're talking like I went without butter for two weeks* so yeah...if I can make my insurance payments and things it will help out a lot. Anyhow...that's really all that's happening. I'm still looking for a job to cover the dance costs too...the sooner I get the purchasing of that out of the way the more money I can put back. Laters all!!!


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Mar. 17th, 2003 01:30 am (UTC)
You know i'm always here for ya if ya need anything.Take care and we'll talk soon

Wish i could help ya feel better
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