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Name: Amanda
Nicknames: Manna, Girly Pants
Hobbies: Crocheting, music, reading, sewing, being crafty in general
Screen Name: theater_chica
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brownish-Blackish-Reddish
Natural Hair Color: More brown than black...red highlights
Who do you love/like: Jessica, Stephen, my parents

Place: Jesse's living room...always music or a good movie and people to talk to
State: North Carolina
Country: England
Book: Sidhartha
Game: Solitaire, Monopoly, Harry Potter *I know...I know*
Drug: Caffine
Movie: Cruel Intentions, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Four Rooms, anything on the weird horror side.
Store: thrift shops
Person: I don't have a favorite person...
Internet activity: chatting to people I don't get to see in person a lot

---Do You---
Cut yourself: Not intentionally.
Pick your nose: Maybe...when a Kleenex is handy.
Lick urself: I lick the roof of my mouth all the time.
Try to prove something: I'm always right...who doesn't TRY to prove that?
Whine a lot: Guilty
Yell a lot: If someone upsets me enough...it takes a lot to get my true temper up...but once it's there...uggggg.
Hate a lot of people: I dislike a lot of people.
Have too many friends: Too many acquantences
Want to die: No...I want to live to meet the oppertunities that have been given
Believe in after death: I think that your soul goes somewhere...not really "life" though.
Go to church: Rarely
Love school: I loved high school...I could do without college
Have a bf/gf: I DID....no flippin comment.
Do drugs: No
Wear dark colors: Just because they go with everything...I wear bright colors a lot too though...pastels are evil
Try to be different: Well...I don't try...I just am.
Have any piercings: One hole in my ears...that's it. At elast I think I still do...I never wear earrings so they might have grown in.
Break bones a lot: Never have...
Dye your hair: I used to, haven't in about eight months.
shave strange places: Define strage ;)

---Have you ever----
Kissed someone: What...are we in middle school?
Killed someone: uh...no
Been raped: Yes
Smoked: Never have...never will.
Gotten Drunk: I drink socially, never been drunk though.
Worn rainbow: I don't know what you're talking about.
Talked on the phone for over 3 hour: To a few people...I don't make it a habit though
Left the country: I've traveled throughout Europe
Had a party with over 30 people: No...I'm not a party girl.
Taken nude pictures: LOL...how funny THAT should come up:P
Stolen something: I did once from a place I worked at...a few work shirts...other than that no.
Broken a bone: Redunacy stinks.
Ran away from home: Once to the back yard and I moved to NC once...but I was 20 so I don't think it was "running away" really.
Burned yourself: When I was little mum set the oven racks out to cool and I picked them up. Now I'm afraid to take things out of the oven...but not recently.
Caught something on fire: Well I had a part in helping Jessica set the dish towel on fire if you want to get techinal...
Cheated on someone: We've went over this...not going there again.
Wanted to cheat on someone: Duh.
Asked someone out: Once...didn't go well.
Been dumped: I don't think so...
Dumped someone: Yes
Had a dream then the next day it happens: No...my dreams are too werid to happen in real life.

Pick One:
Cat/Dog: Dog
White/Black: Black
Hot/Cold: Cold
Far/Near: NEAR...hint hint.
Water/Land: Water
Kiss/Sex: Sex
Online/Phone: Online
Beer/Book: Book
Novel/Poetry: Poetry
Music/Silence: Music

--Dream Mate--
Short/Long Hair: Short
Preppy/Dorky/Druggie: "finished"...well kept..that's about it
Freckles/No Freckles: Doesn't matter
Hair Color: doesn't matter
Hat/No hat: either or...I'm not as picky as I though I guess:P
Fat/Thin: Average...no sticks...no tubs
Makeup/No Makeup: None?
Dressy/Casual: Depends on the situation
Holding hands/Holding 'other body parts': Both

You Touched: My mum
You Talked to: Jessica
You Hugged: My mum
You Kissed: My mum...this is starting to sound Freudian
You Instant messaged: Darrin
You Yelled At: Brian
Who Broke Your Heart: Pleading the fifth...

Understanding: At times.
Open-minded: I try.
Arrogant: Not really
Insecure: For the most part...I'm working on it.
Interesting: LOL...I'm weird..so yeah.
Hungry: I'm ALWAYS hungry
Smart: Smart enough
Moody: Oh yeah...
Childish: Kid at heart
Independent: In thought yes, in actions at times.
Hard working: Yes
Organized: Everything but my room
Healthy: I'm not in the best health..but I'm living.
Emotionally Stable: Not lately
Shy: Very
Difficult: Hehehe...very.
Attractive: I'm average...though some beg to differ.
Bored Easily: Always
Messy: I'm not...my room is
Thirsty: Have my trusty water right here
Responsible: When it counts
Obsessed: Hmmm...I guess you could say that though it's an ugly word.
Angry: At Brian yes.
Sad: Bittersweet sadness
Happy: See above
Trusting: Not anymore...learned that lesson.
Ill: Well...not in the cold sense...I'm diabetic so "diseased" is more accurate:P
Talkative: on occasion
Legal: very
Original: at timesIgnored: *shrugs*
Reliable: If I want to be.
Self-disciplined: rarely
Sleepy: Yes...hint hint
Lonely: I know that in my heart I'm loved

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