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I think I'm offically moved. I know it seems sort of weird but I haven't spent a night at my mum's in about two weeks now and pretty much everything I need is with me over here. I guess it's a bit strange seeing as how Brian and Jesse both are here most of the time...but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Jesse and I went and talked to the landlords of the house we want to rent next again today. Had a nice little talk about sailing and Florida. Well Jesse did most of the talking...I just sort of say there and looked cute. But that's basically what I was there for so I can't really complain. We're praying for some sort of miricle so that we can afford this and that place for the month of May. I need to sell my bari sax. If you know of anyone who wants one let me know:P That's the project for tomorrow though...get the damn thing on e-bay. I feel awful about not paying rent here...but then again it's not like I have my own room or anything...it will be nice to get to the new place.

Margaret was here a few days ago. I have no clue what sort of games Jesse is playing with us but he told her something because she came online later and appologoized to me and said she didn't know we had hooked up. I didn't know we had hooked up to that extint...it's some sort of mind game. My theory: I'm a pawn to get Marageret jealous. But I knew all this going into it. It's just getting confusing because he swears up and down he wants to be rid of her. We had a long talk last night and some pretty heavy stuff was discussed. I beseeched him not to lie to me...so I guess all I can do is let go and trust. Ew...I hate that.

Other news: Gods only know what's happened to Stephen. I really am never online here anymore because someone is always on the computer, whether with work or music or whatever. I've emailed twice now and still narry a word. Oh well, I told myself I was letting that chapter go at least till he's back in the states anyhow. It's just nice to know he's still living and all.

I think that's all the mindless drabble I have for now...laters all.

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