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Well, things are sort of a little less hectic around here. Chris and I are getting along fairly well which is good considering we're going to be living together for awhile now.

Jesse and I went over to Dell's and signed the lease yesterday. *cringe* I worry because I'm not sure about my financial situation right now but since we got the house based on my credit I thought it was only fair. It's a beatiful home. My dentist and Oscar's current mom was the last tennent. It's right on the chain, has two bedrooms upstairs, one for my stuff:), two bathrooms, a wonderful living room, and big kitchen *what a nice change of pace, two people can't stand in our current kitchen comfortably* two docks, and fire ring, and a boathouse. I can't wait to go out on the catamaran with Jesse and sail down to where ever. So we gave her the security today and firsts month in a week. Mum said she'll get the $800 I need into my hands, I'm doing work for her this weekend and for Perry next week, and the last 300 is coming out of my trust until I can find a "real job."

Brian came back home tonight. He was surprisenly agreeable to reemburesing me for the hole that was put into my guitar. I figured there would be a big "Well I didn't do it" fight but there wasn't. Ends up I'm keeping his discman until he gets a new one and then giving him the old one back in return for the new one in payment for the damage. I'm getting ripped off in the deal but it's not like I was planning on buying a new I guess it doesn't really matter.

Jesse and I are doing fairly well. Well very well really. We had a spat yesterday *more of me over reacting to things and being upset in turn getting him upset* but we talked through it. He's so wonderful it's scarey. But I'm not going to spend all day babbeling about him:) I know he's perfect for me and that's all I need to know.

And really that's about it. I might be coming down to Madison in a few weeks *heads up Wags* I'll try and let you know a few days early so I can get you to get a parking permit:P Dear Lord the parking natzis suck in Madison. Can't even fucking pick a friend up with a "unathorized" car without getting a ticket.

Laters world...
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