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The play is going great. For those that don't know Jim *the director at Nicolet* called me up early last week and asked me to help out...and of course I said yes. I'm really not doing much of anything...just quick costume changes and some props stuff...but it's enough. My parents and their friends and Keith and his family and the rest of the cast all went out last night after the show and stuffed ourselves *okay, so Kim and I stuffed ourselves and everyone else watched* and talked and had fun. Same thing as last week but more people. We're meeting an hour early today and walking off some of the calories before the show...should be interesting. *Kim, Christina and I are walking...everyone else is showing themselves at a normal hour* Other than the play nothing really new is going on. I'm supposed to help Perry work for a few hours today but I think I'm going to blow it off and help cleann up the old house. After all I did live there and it's a total disaster. I didn't make any of the mess but someone has to clean it up and it's not fair to leave Jesse and Keegan to do it all.

I ran into Bridget yesterday while getting my coffee before the play. She seems to be doing well and thinks she may have went to school with Jesse. I have no clue. I asked him last night and he doesn't remember any Bridgets...oh well.

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