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Survey stolen from shiftbreak

last cigarette: never had one in my life

last car ride: I drove my car yesterday...can't remember when I rode in one though.

last kiss: Sometime today before Jesse left.

last good cry: Yesterday night.

last library book checked out: Don't know about book...but I checked out a CD set to learn French in my car.

last movie seen: Down With Love....*happens to be up with Ewan McGregor*

last book read: In the middle of Anna Karenina

last cuss word uttered: Fuck

last beverage drank: Iced tea

last food consumed: boiled red potatoes with cheese

last crush: Ewan McGregor...Jesse doesn't count...he's a love.

last phone call: Jesse calling from Oshkosh

last tv show watched: The Today Show at my mums.

last time showered: yesterday night

last shoes worn: Low black heels

last cd played: John Williams Summon the Heroes

last item bought: orange juice, pork chops, potatoes, cheese, and Brummel and Brown spread

last downloaded: Etta James - At Last

last disappointment: Jesse and the boat...

last soda drank: Diet Coke

last thing written: Diet Coke *thanks Josh*

last key used: Car ignition

last word spoken: bye

last sleep: This afternoon's nap

last im: Stephen *also the current IM*

last sexual fantasy: I don't thiYou're nk that's for the world to know thank you very much.

last weird encounter: The tour of the house I'm currently in, then finding out my old dog was the one that was there and my dentist was the former tennet

last ice cream eaten: Vanilla because the stuff we were going to mix it with is gone...so someone has to eat it

last time amused: this morning by Jesse's redition of his phone conversation with Ashley

last time wanting to die: This afternoon...

last time in love: I still am

last time hugged: This morning

last time scolded: Last week...mum's pissed about gas money.

last time resentful: I'm always resentful.

last chair sat in: The one I'm in....*who uses a computer standing up to fill out these things? Are they insane?*

last shirt worn: Purple button up.

last time dancing: kindergaren...wait no...senior year of high school for cheerleading

last poster looked at: LOA Farstucker

last show attended: Does "Proof" at Nicolet count? If it doesn't I've never been to a show.

last webpage visited: Oh let me think...LJ maybe?

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