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Kill time...not kittens...

Five details about you...


[x] I've traveled to seven different countries.
[x] I drive a really old Plymouth Acclaim.
[x] I'm 22 years old.
[x] I have a low self-esteem.
[x] I live in the middle of nowhere.

Five details about your appearance right now...
[x] I'm wearing my hair in a ponytail.
[x] I'm not wearing my glasses.
[x] I'm not wearing any makeup.
[x] I'm not wearing shoes or socks.
[x] I'm wearing my brown plaid pants.

Five things you did today
[x] Woke up three times.
[x] Redid my LJ layout.
[x] Talked to Brandon.
[x] Kissed Jesse goodbye on his way to Rhinelander.
[x] Ate a Keebler butter cracker.

Five memorable things you did in the last year...
[x] Moved to Minocqua.
[x] Signed my first lease on the house I'm living in.
[x] Broke up with Brian.
[x] Started dating Jesse.
[x] Went to the farm with Jesse.

Five favorite movies...
[x] Girl, Interrupted
[x] Swordfish
[x] Sixth Sense
[x] The Life of David Gale
[x] Se7en

Five things that make you happy...
[x] Jesse
[x] Jessica
[x] Road trips
[x] Good food
[x] Unique clothes

Five things that impress you...
[x] Jesse's knowledge of website design
[x] The way Jessica pulled herself out of a sticky situation and is now about to attend University of Chicago for grad school :)
[x] Flexable people
[x] People that have "made it" in Hollywood
[x] People who can remain positive no matter what

Five things you'll do when you complete this...
[x] drop off stuff for Sue at Popov's
[x] Go to Eagle River
[x] eat something eventually
[x] find my glasses
[x] put on shoes

Five things you feel right now...
[x] appathetic
[x] tired
[x] worthless
[x] hungry
[x] worried


:name: Amanda
:backwards: Adnama
:Does your name mean anything?: Worthy of love...*rolls eyes*
:Were you named after anyone?: I THINK my middle name is after one of my dad's good friends from Decatur...but I'm not sure.
:Nickname(s): Girly Pants, Aminada, Manna
:Screenname(s): theater_chica, karmawillcatchu
:Date of birth: January 18, 1981
:Place of birth: Woodruff, WI
:Current location: Minocqua, WI
:Religion: I don't know yet.
:Height: 5'9"
:Shoe size: 9-10...depends on the brand
:Hair color: it's goes from top to bottom, medium brown, auburn, dark brown, black *I'm dye happy*
:Eye color: brown...bah
:What do you look like?: Uh...tall, brown hair brown eyes...look at my icons if you don't know already and really want to :P
:Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?: ambidextrous for a few things...but mostly lefty
:How old are you mentally?: depends on the day anywhere from 3 to 90
:What are your best qualities: happy, talkative and friendly

Do You Have...
:Any sisters: nope
:Any brothers: nope
:Any pets: Three cats, one dog, and an adopted rat that is really my boyfriend's
:A disease: diabetes
:A pager: nope nope
:A personal phone number: Well...I sotra have a distinctive ring number...and my cell.
:A leather jacket with studs on it?: I don't own anything leather I don't think.
:A heroin needle: Well...I own needles that could be used for heroin I guess...but I prefer insulin.
:A pool or hot tub: No...but when I'm rich and famous I'm getting a hot tub and socks.
:A Car: I guess I do...technically.

Describe Your...
:Personality: moody...that sums it up
:Driving: In the city...like a grandma, on the highway like a bat out of hell
:Car or one you want: Lancer or older Neon
:Room: Clothes everywhere, my computer desk and keyboard and that's about it...I rarely go up there.
:School: ha ha...rub it in why don't you?
:Relationship with your parent(s): I talk to them when I HAVE to...other than that I try to stay far far away.

Do You...
:Believe in yourself?: I'm getting better, but usually I don't.
:Believe in love at first sight?: Not really love, but a strong connection yes
:Consider yourself a good listener: Depends on who's talking
:Consider yourself a good friend: Mostly, but I do have my moments
:Get along with your parents: for the most part
:Save your e-mail or conversations: Only the really good ones
:Pray: rarely
:Believe in reincarnation: not sure
:Like to make fun of people: celebrities only...
:Like to talk on the phone: only with a select few
:Like to drive: not at all, unless I'm really mad and need to cool off
:Get motion sickness: nope
:Eat chicken fingers with a fork: No...waste of dishes
:Dream in color: i never dream... that's true
:Type with your fingers on home row: I do :)
:Sleep with a stuffed animal: If one is handy

What Was/Is (or Are)...
:Right next to you: my glass of water
:your room: my room was/is...still my room? *looks confused*
:On your mouse pad: A dell ad *cringe*
:Your dream car: *stratches head* see above.
:Your dream date: Ewan McGregor
:Your dream honeymoon spot: NYC
:Your bedtime: when I'm tired
:Under your bed: I don't have an "under my bed" anymore.
:The single most important question: whowhatwhenwherewhyhow? *I use that one alot*
:Your bad time of the day: When I'm tired and don't want to do anything
:Your worst fear(s): dying in an earthquake on a bridge
:The time?: 13:15
:The date?: 6-04-03
:The weirdest food or drink that you like?: eubada I guess
:The hardest thing about growing up?: Realizing that I never had time to be not grown up
:Your funniest experience: Touring the house I'm living in now and not knowing it was my dentists house who now has my old dog and walking in and having said dog all over me without knowing it was mine.

:Number: 367
:Color: yellow
:Day: Wednesday
:Month: January
:Song: Currently? Matchbox 20 Crazy...but I have a lot of old favorites.
:Movie: Girl Interrupted or American Pie 2 *band geeks unite*
:Food: Pizza...with tons of cheese.
:Band: Cake
:Season: winter
:Sport: cross country skiing or ice skating
:Class: Used to be band and choir
:Teacher: Mrs. Bodah
:Drink: milk
:Veggie: corn
:TV Show: Scrubs
:Radio Station: 95.5 WIFC
:Animal: dogs
:Flower: orchids or tiger lillies

Love + Relationships...
:Do you have a bf/gf?: yes
:Do you have a crush?: Oh Ewan...
:How long have you liked him/her?: seven months
:Why do you like this person?: He's wonderful, caring, and trying to understand me.
:If you're not single... give details...: there aren't any
:How long was your longest relationship?: 1 1/2 years about.
:How long was your shortest relationship?: A few days.
:Who was your first love?: Ken...how stupid was I huh?

The Past...
:Last thing you heard: Save the Last Dance Soundtrack
:Last thing you said: bye
:Who is the last person you saw?: Brandon sleeping on my couch
:Who is the last person you kissed?: Jesse
:Who is the last person you hugged?: Jesse
:Who is the last person you fought with?: Jesse
:Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: Jessica
:What is the last TV show you saw?: People's Court

The Present...
:What are you wearing?: Brown plaid pants and tan shirt
:What are you doing?: typing this and falling asleep
:Who are you talking to?: Darrin
:What song are you listening to?: Blaqout - In For Cream
:Where are you?: Jesse's "office"
:Who are you with?: Brandon sleeping on the couch.
:How are you feeling?: ill
:Are you in a chatroom?: no

The Future...
:What day is it tomorrow?: Thursday maybe?
:What are you going to do after this?: go to Eagle River...
:Who are you going to talk to?: My mother *cringe*
:Where are you going to go?: EAGLE RIVER *damn surveys*
:How old will you be when you graduate?: 62?
:What do you want to be?: Actress or costume designer
:What is one of your dreams?: Acting
:Where will you be in 25 years?: I don't know...I'm not clarvoyant.

Have You Ever...
:Drank?: occasionaly
:Smoked?: no.
:Had sex?: yep yep yep
:Stole?: Only from black bear
:Done anything illegal?: Well I guess the black bear thing was sorta illegal.
:Wanted to die?: Are you kidding me?
:Hit someone?: Traci Busha in sixth or seventh grade.

:Do you write in cursive or print?: both
:What piercings do you have?: ears
:Do you drive?: When I have to
:Do you have glasses or braces?: glasses

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