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Since everyone under the sun seems to read ye here ye!!!

I'm fine with Jesse leaving. I was shitty to him, he was shitty to me. Nuff said. Things weren't ever going to work anyhow. It doesn't matter how I feel if he doesn't share the same feelings. Oh well. Such is life. It won't kill me and maybe now I can move on with life. Not that he was holding me back, but there are things that I could probably do that would make me happier than staying with someone who doesn't feel the same way about me. So yeah, I'm hurt. But I'm also hurt he cheated on me, that he would say he loved me one day and then decide he doesn't want to be with me, and that he wants me to leave. I'll get over it. He says he still loves me and he's having a hard time too, but I find it hard to believe. I'm not saying that he's lying but it seems like it. Oh well. Oh well. Oh well.

So...seems as though I'll be moving to IL or staying in Eagle. Not sure if I like either idea. Oh well. Maybe Stephen will be to IL and I'll know at least one person nearby. Probably not though. Oh well. I'm sure eventually I'll meet someone somehow. Maybe. Probably not. I thought I had...I guess I was wrong. Funny how that works out...someone can make you change your mind about so many things and then just drop you like that *makes a "like that" gesture* Well I guess he's not the only one like I said to Jesse...I just remembered that back in the day for some crazy reason I used to feel the same way about Stephen. Weird. Okay...I think I've thought about it enough. Thinking tends to me dangerous in my old age...
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