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Don't Ask Where This Came From....

What's up with people and tight jeans? Have you ever noticed that almost everyone who wears jeans two sizes too small for them seems to have a twig up their bum? Do they do this for "fashion" purposes? Do they just not have enough money to buy clothes that fit them? Are they trying to make themselves seem smaller?

And why do they act so snobby? I think it's because of a lack of blood flow to vital parts. I mean really, how does a person's circulatory system work while wearing such constricting garments?

Anyway, I've decided to start a new trend. Clothes that fit. *gasp* We're going to start fitting in between the two extremes America. None of this "my pants are around my ankles and all you can see is my underwear" look and no more "my clothes are making me mighty crotchety." No, we are going to wear CLOTHES THAT FIT.

Wish me luck in helping this trend catch on.....


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Sep. 30th, 2002 08:07 am (UTC)
1. Good luck!
2. This reminds me of a hilarious story from the one time Kris and i went out to the bar. The other trend i don't get is those jeans that have the little wear folds on the upper leg. Apparantly Ryan was high one night and saw that, and said it reminded him of a fish. Now Kris and Ryan both proceed to refer to those girls as "gill crotch." Man, drink down 3 amaretto sours and that is fucking hilarious! :)
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